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DIGITAL ART “The anatomy of the senses is to escape from oneself”




The gray mask of senses, so familiar to others, with such difficulty keeps the stormy stream of inner space, so brightly and so frightening… The anatomy of internal energies, the dark matter of essence is covered up with fake indifference. It is more difficult to maintain the legend of inner peace every day.


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BY TALVI ART - With my creative expression I position my inner struggle against my alter ego, I tell about my spiritual experience and about various creative experiments. The main social message is not to be afraid to denude your fears of imperfection by striving for some fictional ideal. Enough to keep silent about their problems, if you think that there is no way out and there is a deadlock. No matter how pessimistic we are not looking at the world, there will always be those who are not indifferent to our problems, which will help with word or deed. Do not be afraid to be imperfect!